The current trend in marketing aims for a phenomenon of demassification to make way for the greater effectiveness of niche marketing . This trend is clearly visible in the field of e-commerce and behavioral marketing. It also finds its full legitimacy in the field of communication by the object because it aims at a defined target with an adapted message with the aim of obtaining a direct response. The seductive and impactful nature of this medium is easily identifiable in the fact that it is the only form of advertising for which the target thanks the advertiser for its advertising message. Communication subject to certain rules However, communication by object obeys certain rules and must take into account multiple factors to be relevant and offer the return on investment expected by the informed entrepreneur.

The Nature of the Product, Its Quality, Its Usefulness

The appearance of the message and its content are essential factors. The more the object is useful, of good quality and distributed at the right time, the more the target will use it by extending the life of the advertising message, the memorization of the advertiser and its distribution to other prospects. There are different opportunities to use communication India Part Time Job Seekers Phone Number List by object, each responding to a product segmentation: promotional items, generally of low value and distributed in large quantities suitable for launch or promotional operations useful and fun promotional items distributed throughout the year for the purpose of memorization, business gifts reserved for the best customers mainly given at the end of the year, but also on birthdays or inaugurations.

Special Database

Order to Thank and Contribute to Loyalty

Finally incentive gifts intended to increase purchase volumes. In all cases, the object chosen will take into account at least the image, the values ​​and the activity of the advertiser but also the nature of the targets and the occasion of the message. The choices of medium and message are complex and require the intervention of a specialist who will be able Ao Lists to assess an appropriate strategy in the short, medium or long term. He will keep in mind essential principles such as the usefulness of the medium, its quality, its compliance with the standards in force, the values ​​it conveys (sustainable development, economy, well-being, etc.), its unusual character, its relevance.

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