As part of a donation campaign, associative marketing remains essential for the realization of your project. Benefiting from a powerful strategy allows you to fully exploit the means at your disposal and to select the most effective communication channels in order to challenge your interlocutors. A few tips for preparing and organizing your donation campaign Before looking into the deployment of your donation campaign, you must adopt a rigorous organization in the implementation of your project. First, proceed step by step.

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List all of your contacts; determine the period of action of the campaign and that dedicated to its promotion; work on the visual identity of your project; define the objectives to be achieved and the message to be conveyed; identify the different Chinese Student Phone Number List communication channels… For this last point, you have the possibility of using traditional means of distribution, such as a flyer-type paper medium. The media may be solicited. Similarly, do not neglect the web and NTIC (New Information and Communication Technologies). These are essential to obtain the expected visibility with your audience.

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Associative Donation Campaign: Understanding

The donor experience In parallel with the preparations related to your donation campaign, your associative marketing strategy must also focus on the donor experience. To do this, it is essential to know the typical profile of its targets. What are their needs and expectations? Also remember to set a guideline for your exchanges and relationships. As much as possible, arouse the emotional fiber of your interlocutors. Play on their empathetic capacity Ao Lists so that they identify more easily with your message, your values. This aspect must occur upstream, especially when promoting your donation campaign. Then, you can put forward the need to have funds to carry out an action, a project.

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