Emotions are currently heightened as they are trapped in an accumulation of bad news that predicts a bleak future. Sensory marketing must be able to discern their influences to win over the customer. 48,000 daily negative thoughts as well as all negative emotions continue to invade us and therefore for marketing the exit from the labyrinth is difficult to find. Capitalizing on customer emotions is an approach that has become essential for companies wishing to assert their positioning, differentiate themselves and above all deal with changes in the behavior of their customers.

Disenchanted and Faced with an Increasingly

Standardized and dematerialized offer, this clientele now favors, in its purchasing decisions, emotions and lived experience as much as reason. Innovative, original and profitable, sensory marketing responds to the quest for meaning of these new Chinese Malaysia Phone Number List customers, who have become more hedonistic, demanding and adept at immediacy. Did you say sensory marketing? Born from the work of professor of marketing strategy and inventor of the 4P’s, Philippe Kotler, then popularized in 2002, sensory marketing is defined as a set of techniques aimed at soliciting one or more of the 5 senses to seduce and retain a target audience.

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It Plays on the Emotions and Pleasures

Of customers by involving sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.  Thus promoting interaction and the creation of an intimate link between the brand and its audience. Unlike Canada, where the Ministry of Economic Development.  Innovation and Exportation encourages companies to grow.  Through sensory marketing, in France there is still work to Ao Lists to educate brands.  Intend to inform them about this practice, which generates image and success. Indeed, many companies are interested in this approach.  Although most do not implement any action due to a real lack of information and time.

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