If we look for the criteria of readability, we find clues that will make it possible to have a text that captures the attention of the reader or readers. However, a message that would seek to seduce the supplier, the customer and the journalist, in short the whole world, has every chance of winning over no one. So what to do? You have to list all the interlocutors you want to address, then list the messages you want to convey to each one. Dress up your product/service and your argument with the appropriate words To do this, try to be specific and get out of banal vocabulary.

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Product innovativeā€ for what? Our language offers a full range of synonyms or more relevant words. To find them, brainstorm with your teams . You can use for words adapted to your message the sites which propose synonyms to you. Prepare your argument rigorously To understand your argument, answer a few questions: Why should customers buy Job Seekers Phone Numbers List my product/use my service? What is his interest ? Apply this method for each of your targets. Build an inverted pyramid plan A communication message always begins with the essential idea. Placing the best from the start allows you to capture the customer. So, forget your essays! Journalists are fervent followers of this process.

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To Practice Read the Press and You Will Find

They use this technique to hold your attention. Make short sentences Your message is in competition with thousands of others. To be visible, be readable! The sentence should be short so that it can be read at a glance. Eliminate spelling mistakes They exasperate some, distract the reader and above all discredit you. Never think that the reader “won’t even Ao Lists see this fault” because this simple sentence calls for negligence. Master the professional vocabulary in writing and speaking : the book that accompanies you to better write and express yourself : Master the professional vocabulary in writing and speaking: the book that accompanies you to better write and express yourself Remember to use linking words These will serve as cogs in the sentence.

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