Further refine this so that I write down the tasks from the previous point in the calendar so that I put 2-3 tasks per day for a certain day, the next tasks for the next day, etc., in which case each task is “scheduled” for a certain day. Great ideas Teresa, thanks! Which of these tips will you take to your own work next? And do you have a great tip you’d like to share? Comment your own tip below, thanks This is how you optimize your blog post for search engines (whatever the blog platform is) To get readers | 1 Comment | Tiia Konttinen This can also be shared… like HBO’s theme songs 46 SHARES Facebook 41 Twitter Pinterest 5 LinkedIn I have been asked several times for a post about search engine optimization. And here it comes. Search engine optimization is a broad entity and in this post I will try to summarize the topic to the essentials. Before you start, you need one blog post that you haven’t published yet. some of the tasks in the post will be impossible to complete, and you won’t get the best benefit.

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┬áIf you don’t have any posts in draft mode, I highly recommend that you write one before new data delving deeper into the topic. The post doesn’t have to be long (700-1000 words is enough) but it is important that it is in draft form. This is how you optimize your blog post for search engines (whatever the blog platform is) You can use these instructions even if your blog is on WordPress, Blogger or even Wix. I have made the instructions and tasks so easy and simple that you will succeed no matter what platform your blog is on. Why is Search Engine Optimization vital for a blog’s life cycle? , Google processes more than 6.5 billion queries every day. Of these, 15% are ones that have never been searched for.

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According to them in the last quarter of 2017, more than 330 billion domains were AO Lists found in the world the most popular form of content marketing is blogging (65%), social media (65%) and case studies (64%) long blog posts bring more than 9x more leads to companies than short posts blogging is the most important marketing strategy for marketers surveyed more than 2 million posts are published daily 40% of consumers leave the site / blog if the page / post takes more than 3 seconds to load It is difficult to stand out from the crowd. Especially if you have until now trusted that good content will bring you readers. You’re wrong. Good content is important, but it is even more important to get the post in front of enough pairs of eyes. And it’s actually not as difficult as it might seem. Also read this: 123 ideas how to get more readers to your blog Just go to Google and search with the term “simple blog”. Guess whose post will be among the first 3 search results? Search engine optimization helps you to get the post in front of potential readers (for free) to keep the post there as long as possible Search word or phrase First, we’ll tackle the search term.

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