Where To Find Certified Technical Writers

A technical writer can be a powerful member of your team, especially if you work in a technical industry. Knowing where to find certified technical writers is important for your growth.
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Apr 24 | 4 min read
certified technical writer
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When it comes to content production, there are very few types of content writers as skilled as technical writers.
A technical writer can help you take very complex and technical subjects and translate them into simpler concepts that can be understood by a majority of your audience, not just the experts.
However, not all technical writers are the same. Some specialize in certain industries, and some don’t have the experience level needed for your business.
A great way to check on the qualifications of a technical writer is to see if they have any certifications. In this article, we’ll help you learn what certifications are important to have, and where you can find certified technical writers.
Why Hire a Technical Writer?
Which Certifications Should You Look For?
Where to Hire Certified Technical Writers

Why Hire a Technical Writer

Hiring a technical writer isn’t necessary for every business. However, if you work in a technical industry, such as healthcare, chemistry, aerospace, or finance, having a technical writer can be very helpful.

A technical writer can take a complex subject like financial risk management or medical terminology and write about it in a way that can be understood by a general audience. This helps you expand your reach and influence over key audiences. Ws Data
It also helps you communicate clearly with your customers.

Without a technical writer, you might struggle to explain your value to potential customers. You might also find it hard to set time aside to create content that is necessary for business growth.

By finding a qualified technical writer and working closely with them, you can improve your content production, distribution, and overall quality.

Which Certifications Should You Look For

Not all technical writers have certificates. However, there are a few technical writing certifications that are helpful to know about if you work in specific industries.
We’ve compiled a helpful list of certifications that you should look for as you search for a technical writer for your business.
Bachelor’s Degree
You likely want a technical writer with some amount of college-level experience in writing, even if they don’t have an English or Writing major.
Professional Technical Writing Certification
This AO Lists certificate is offered through many writing programs as proof that the writer passed the course.
Certified Professional Technical Communicator.

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