┬áTime to time that just sitting down with a pen in hand and a notebook in front of me calms me down. I have decided (and will continue) that every day I take 15-30 minutes and write thoughts, ideas and plans in a notebook. Just being able to write down your thoughts on paper calms and relaxes you. Don’t get stuck planning Here I have (still) a lot to improve. I think it’s absolutely wonderful to design! But that implementation is sometimes left unfinished. The fact is that only doing moves you forward. Planning is important, but even more important is putting the plan into practice.

Putting out fires is stressful and

Avoid fires Thanks to planning and doing, things don’t pile up too much. messes new database up your whole life. So let’s try to make a good plan and implement it in the long term. Of course, life doesn’t always go as planned. That’s why you should set aside time for ad hoc situations in the days. I have received good instructions from Iida on how to act in unexpected situations. The instructions are constantly displayed, so I can always come back to it. Do it to the end This is another one where I still have room for improvement. Unfinished business burdens the mind and life. Doing things to the end may not take as much time as you imagine. And if you can, you should immediately add the remaining tasks to the to-do list so that you don’t forget them. Prioritize tasks that bring results I have often said that “doing the work does not end”.

We do get our to-do list filled every

And that’s how it is. day. But the tasks are not equal. Some tasks maintain the blog and the company, and other tasks move them forward. The first tasks of the day should always be those that move the blog/company forward, bring income and grow the audience. The rest of the tasks can be those who maintain the blog/business. Remove unnecessary tasks from the list or outsource them If the same task rotates on the to-do list week after week, maybe AO Lists it’s time to give it up. Or what do you think? Tasks can also be outsourced, but make sure that the task to be outsourced is one that will bring you results in the long run.

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