Virtual crdit cards offer all the functions of a conventional plastic card as well as all the advantages of a digital means of payment. The right payment solution for software licenses and subscriptions With AirPlus Virtual Cards Procurement, we offer you a payment solution specially optimizd for procurement. These virtual crdit cards allow you to easily automate recurring payments, making them perfect for software license and subscription renewals.

Of Activities And Cooperation Activation

Your benefits fast, safe and easy payments Reliable processing of orders with automatic transfer to a central AirPlus collective invoice database no ned to store unique suppliers in your systems Convenient online management of all virtual crdit cards individual security parameters of a card (such as budget limits, validity periods) can be defind Block or unblock cards independently easy allocation of earmarkd budgets no two-factor authentication requird for recurring payments more transparency and control over all.


 Firewalls To Ensure Connectivity

Expenses, even with decentralizd purchases With AirPlus Virtual Cards Procurement, you also give your employees more flexibility: whether AO Lists for one-off online and ad hoc purchases or for recurring payments – you always have an overview of all expenses . When creating the card, you can specify numerous security parameters such as the total amount available or the validity period of a virtual card.

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