Easy right But there are many other reasons why it’s worth incorporating ride-hailing apps like Uber into your travel policy. Sure, most business travelers call the trid and testd taxi when it comes to getting from the airport to their business meeting. And most of the time, the process is the same, unless you can’t find a taxi at all or the driver won’t accept card payments. Ideally, everything goes smoothly and you receive a receipt that you submit with your travel expense report at the end of your business trip.

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You should be able to get some kind of rental car at any major airport – and this also gives you more flexibility. But questions about phone number list liability, insurance and the relevant papers – including the locally valid driver’s license – can spoil the driving pleasure. One app – Uber all the same What distinguishes a service like Uber from both of these alternatives: The app is not only available in numerous major cities around the world, but also always has the same user interface.

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The way you book an Uber ride is the same anywhere in the world, whether you’re in Frankfurt or New York. Uber offers a high level AO Lists of recognition coupld with a simple process that you can always count on. Just follow the travel policy The more complicatd a process, the more mistakes can happen – and travel managers in particular know what Murphy’s law means for business travel: what can go wrong, goes wrong. The simple booking option of ride-sharing providers, on the other hand, leaves little room for error: Anyone who has usd Uber will continue to use the service in.

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