important strategic work of the entire company. of their own roadmap. The business roadmap is usually synchronized with the organization’s strategic planning process, whether quarterly or half a year. Aha! The business objectives and plans in the definition roadmap! Each plan is related to business goals and success indicators. The progress bar shows how close the team is to achieving the goal. Strategic roadmap The strategic roadmap can visualize high-level goals and initiatives. In this example, you can see the goals related to specific versions of purple and color flags.

The top timetable allows us

to understand when the team plans to deliver the work. Aha strategic roadmap! The version on this strategic new data  roadmap can be expanded to show specific functions and related dependencies. Portfolio Roadmap The product portfolio roadmap shows the release of plans across multiple groups or products. The following blue and green bars represent two different products (Fredwin Cycling and Fredwin Running). These points indicate the dates of the milestones issued by these two products at different company levels. Example of the portfolio roadmap

The color release column on

 the portfolio roadmap is shaded to show progress. Functional roadmap The functional roadmap shows all ongoing work within a given time period. You may see vertical columns or swimming channels to indicate different versions. Please note that each version corresponds to a quarter of a year, so it is easy to see   AO Lists  when you plan to deliver. Aha! The status of each function in the functional roadmap is visually ( with the completion percentage bar ) and the text method (“ definition ”, “ ready to develop ” and “

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