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Delivered ”)<TG1> display. Agile Roadmap The agile roadmap shows the main theme of the work in the overall timetable. These themes can be product goals or epic, they are related functional groups. The date range will depend on how the agile development team works, but it is not common for the agile roadmap to expand for more than a quarter at a time. The flexibility of agile workflow makes it easier to include the road map in several sprints or iterations. An example of an epic roadmap Each of the five columns shows the advanced epic being developed by the

development team, as well as

 Key details such as the corresponding goals and status. Market Access Roadmap new database  The listing roadmap provides a comprehensive overview of all the work that must be completed for successful release. The following roadmap includes cross-functional tasks and activities, from drafting creative briefs to conducting sales and supporting training. You can track the dependency items ( Black Arrow ) and milestones ( Red and Yellow Points ) to ensure that everyone delivers on time Aha! Gantt chart Roadmap This example of a market entry roadmap was built

by a product marketing team

. Marketing Roadmap Marketing Roadmap shows marketing goals and related activities that support overall business goals. Depending on the complexity of the organization, you may have a marketing roadmap that divides work by function ( such as digital marketing and content marketing), or visualization of major activities related to specific products. Aha! The strategic marketing roadmap The roadmap shows how strategic marketing initiatives reflect the overall goals and  AO Lists  the timetable for completion. IT project roadmap IT project roadmap integrates strategy, version and function into a timeline view. You can see how each version and function supports broader

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