conclusions, improve and. Therefore, create strategies. Analytics tells you how users reached your page ( organic search, paid advertising , social networks, external. Therefore, link…) and also offers you data such as the time they stayed on it and when and where they decided to leave it. The detailed segmentation of the traffic your website receives allows you to check how your SEO strategy is. Therefore, working and, thanks to all this information and its analysis, you can redefine and tweak it to make it even more effective.

Google Search Console

And of course, after Analytics. Therefore, we have to talk about Google. Therefore, Search Console Costa Rica Phone Number List since it is one of Google’s main tools for SEO and.  with the most concrete information. The main interest of SEO specialists in using this tool lies in the fact that it allows them to directly send the sitemap to Google as well as check all the data related to the crawling and indexing of the website, essential points for positioning.

Google Trends

You can also check the impressions and clicks that. Therefore, reach your website and through which keywords they do so, which offers aolists you the possibility of detecting new positioning opportunities. Google Search Console also allows you to analyze the. Therefore, performance of the website on both PC and mobile and detect which domains are linking to you and to which URLs .

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