The results that appear in the People Also Ask section are based on the content of. Therefore, position zero and the expressions in the “Related Searches” portion, located at the bottom of the Google results page when you perform a search. Although. Therefore, the elements of PAA are presented in the format of questions, the first search does not need to be a question, but rather content capable of answering a specific user question and addressing the Google algorithm.

How does Google structure this functionality?

keyword that the user has. Therefore, consulted. But this is not all. Google selects content for PAA taking into Slovenia Phone Number List account several criteria, such as: Use of elements such as infographics, tables, chips , etc. Nature and quality of. Therefore, content. Text readability. People Also Ask affects websites and blogs whose content includes tutorials, guides or queries based on words such as:

And what do you have to do to appear in the PAA?

other people, which increases the probability that a page. Therefore, with very well-structured content will be positioned in the PAA sector and reach a. Therefore, greater number of aolists visits. How can it be used in the SEO strategy? People Also Ask on Google’s SERPs is a resource that provides users with questions related to their original search with answers capable of addressing their information or knowledge demands.

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