Small influencers often touch less popular, niche fields. Although of course this is not the rule. They are also often associat with their city or region. So they are follow by users looking for local content. microinfluencer A microinfluencer, on the other hand. Is someone who has between and – thousand followers. Micro-influencers often move around specific market segments ( beauty, fashion, travel, fit influencer). macro-influencer. A macroinfluencer is a person who has gather over , followers around him. mega-influencer We can also meet the term mega-influencer.

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This is someone who is follow by over a million followers. It should be not that each of these groups of creators can be of great value in the context of cooperation with advertisers. You can even database draw a bold conclusion that it is not the range that  matters, but completely different factors. It is certainly a myth to think that an influ with a greater reach will give the brand a greater advantage. Interestingly, nano-influencers and micro-influencers are consider a very influential group of creators, due to their commitment to community building. As the results of the Digiday survey show, nanoinflu engage up to . of their recipients. For comparison, in the case of celebrities with over a million followers, it is only.


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The decision who is suitable for promoting given products or services should therefore result strictly from a well-thought-out brand strategy and a specific target group. Who is a patoinfluencer? Who is an influencer? You already know what the  definition of an “influencer” is and how you can classify online creators depending on their reach. Among the terms that are worth knowing, there is also “patoinfluencer”. He is a creator who publishes content on the Internet that goes far beyond social norms. Thus, patoinfluencer’s materials can make fun of national and minorities, people AO Lists with disabilities, people whose beauty does not fit into the canon etc.

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