you 3 options if you are using a computer, and 4 options when accessing through a smartphone: Upload a photo from your PC or mobile. Therefore, device Add a theme or frame Select a photo or video for your profile from suggested photos/videos Take a photo. Therefore, or create a video from your device When choosing the image for your profile, the network will also bring the option to crop your photo. If you don’t want it, just click Stop Cutting in the bottom left corner, then Save .

Profile Pictures for Facebook

when posting comments, as. Therefore, the image will be reduced to 36×36 pixels. Think about the visual identity of Tunisia Phone Number List your business and choose a photo that represents your brand or product If your logo is. Therefore, already known by your clients, choose to use it as your profile image Play with the frames offered by Facebook, mainly during holiday times, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter and Christmas. This is a way to interact with your followers, but be careful not to lose the identity of your business.

Profile Picture Tips

cover needs to be related to your business, after all, it will be the visitor’s first contact with your profile on the social network. To aolists upload a cover photo you need: Enter your Facebook profile Click. Therefore, Update Cover  Photo in the upper left corner on PCs or in the lower right corner on mobile. Therefore, devices Select a photo or choose one of the photos suggested by Facebook Drag and reposition the image according 

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