To make it easier to understand, think of target audience as looking down on a crowded beach on a typical summer day: you have a general idea of ​​who is there, but you don’t know exactly who. Beach image from a bird’s eye view The persona is like approaching and becoming intimate with a single person in the crowd: you know their name, quirks, fears, desires… and even their favorite ice cream flavor! Woman holding ice cream on the beach while smiling.

Digital Marketing is relat to Strategic planning

 This deep understanding is essential for creating an assertive sales strategy , allowing you to target your content , products or services in an authentic and personalized way to win the hearts (and wallets) of your audience! Take the opportunity to make your copy of the Orgânica process model to identify your ICP and personas: Process Latest database Model for defining Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Personas Have a Marketing and Sales Funnel The sales funnel is the representation of the path a customer takes to make a purchase.

Sales and Customer Retention funnel

Searching for “ what is IPTU ” on Google and come across complete and super educational content from Cresol . With the help of Orgânica — Ao Lists and, of course, Digital Marketing — the brand has become a reference when it comes to accessible financial education for all types of audiences.

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