Crash Course on How I Use Interviews to Drive Marketing Success

Seizing the opportunity right after a conversion is an ideal moment to initiate a meaningful conversation with the lead. After all, this person has just expressed their interest in something created by you, your brand, or your company.

It’s essential to reciprocate that interest and demonstrate your genuine engagement.

One effective way to accomplish this is by enrolling the contact in an email nurturing workflow. In the initial email, extend your gratitude and enthusiasm for their interest, providing them with relevant details and essential links.

Then, curate a series of well-timed emails to enhance their overall experience.

Depending on the theme of the interview, I share valuable resources, tips, hacks, free credits, tutorials, and other educational content, aiming to empower and educate the contact further.

By doing so, I often come across individuals who are actively seeking solutions that Rock Content can provide. I foster their progression within my sales cycle while building a fruitful business relationship.

The interview format

So, I run the Jam Sessions: a series of live video interviews hosted by Rock Content featuring iconic marketing experts, trailblazers, and innovators. To name a Brazil Mobile Number List few, Joe Pulizzi, Pam Didner, and Rand Fishkin have already shone the spotlight on our stage.

Take a glimpse at Mordy Oberstein’s Jam Session captured in this screenshot from the broadcast page. This is where all of the participants came together, asking questions and sharing personal experiences.

By embracing the power of live video interviews, we deliver an immersive and exclusive experience for our audience, fostering meaningful connections and driving engagement to new heights.

Nurturing workflow

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How do I use interviews as a marketing asset?
So, this is where the magic happens, right? To unlock the true potential of interviews and achieve impactful results, it’s crucial to go beyond simply creating them. Repurposing interviews into diverse formats is key. Think blog posts, social media content, marketing emails, nurturing workflows, and more.

By covering multiple channels, you can AO Lists expand your reach and engage with your audience across various touchpoints. Embracing an omnichannel approach not only enhances lead generation and MQL conversions but it also enables you to deliver a comprehensive 360º experience that caters to your audience’s preferences and needs.

But back in the days when I started the Sessions, I thought I should stop promoting it right after it airs. The thing is I forgot that even in FOMO there are those who have actually missed it!

To address this, I have adopted a new approach by extending the promotional period for an additional week following the live broadcast. This allows me to capitalize on the trending topic without compromising upcoming launches or initiatives.

Now, you might wonder, how do I generate effective results.

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