Advantages, best practices and examples to help you define a unique marketing positioning that distinguishes you from the competition

Would you like a portion of the market reserved just for your brand? A slice that the competition is unable to reach because it lacks the necessary characteristics?

Well, then make yourself comfortable, it’s time to talk about brand positioning .

This approach, in fact, helps you to identify the market segment in which you want people to place you . And it doesn’t just apply to large companies, small and medium-sized businesses that operate on local markets can also use it.

What is brand positioning?

Before giving a definition of brand positioning, it is good to clarify what it is not. Contrary to what one might think at first glance, this is not a sales strategy . Latest database Brand positioning – or marketing positioning – does not aim at direct sales, but at improving the brand’s image. In practice it is a matter of underlining the strengths , to place the brand in the public’s mind and ensure that it stands out from competitors. All the marketing and communication choices and the activities that act and orient the way in which consumers perceive the brand constitute brand positioning.

It is necessary to set up an adequate strategy so that brand identity and brand image coincide and brand awareness bears fruit. Only in this way, in fact, will brand positioning be achieved in a natural way.

What does it mean to be Top Of Mind?

What all companies would like to be: Top Of Mind (TOM). Yes, you guessed it right, this expression indicates precisely that brand that, automatically, is associated by consumers when they think of a certain product category. AO List Let’s take an example: if we ask you about a drink, instinctively, which one do you think of? Coca Cola, right? Now, this is what being TOM means. It can apply to a brand, but also to a specific product .

Even small and medium-sized businesses can become Top Of Mind in their niche, don’t neglect this aspect. Later we will look in detail at how to become a TOM, but first let’s learn more about brand positioning.

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