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Where to post on Linkin will help you position yourself as an expert on this social network and increase your SSI. Pay attention to these aspects that Linkin evaluates The point that should be most important in addition to the SSI is the value you provide with your communication and your content  into account that what is worth the most are the comments then the shares and what is least ponder the reactions or Likes. The number of times you share other peoples content The number of times you comment or participate in other peoples content.

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The messages you send to your contacts or potential contacts and if you receive a response from them or not. The groups in which you participate and the impact you have on them.Linkin likes the most is not the publications themselves but the impact they have and how your contacts weigh it . Your comments shares and reactions are the metrics that Linkin evaluates in this case Bulk SMS Brazil to extract this part of your Linkin SSI index. . Create relationships. Do you do business Ultimately it is bas on the number of relationships you build with your contacts a metric that should continually grow. The contacts you have and how they grow over time especially if they are relevant positions.

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The percentage of acceptance of the invitations you send remember that if you are not accept your rejection counter will go up and you can only have a maximum of unaccept invitations on Linkin.  company As you can see there are many and vari points on which Linkin Social Selling focuses. However do not be scar because this does not imply having to spend all Ao Lists day on Linkin but that you must work little by little without neglecting the main points . In this way your Linkin SSI index will rise and you will begin to receive more invitations and messages from potential clients interest in contacting you. How to improve the social selling.

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