Of course, the goal and structure of the live broadcast should still be planned a little in advance so that the end result is complete. Live are very wide: you can hold a question-and-answer session for your followers, for example, present your premises or take a live picture of the events you participate in. In addition, you can of course make different tutorials. If you want your followers to be able to watch your live videos even after the broadcast ends, save them as highlights in your own profile.

Also use highlights in your profile As already mentioned

 a couple of times, you can save your Instagram stories and live  europe email list broadcasts by saving them in the highlights of your own profile. This is a great way to share information about your business with Instagram users! Below are a few examples of which topics you can compile highlights from: Basic information about your company . You should already present your activities in detail in the bio, but in the highlights you can tell about it in more detail. Here it is good to tell, for example, the story and values ​​of your company. Presentation of your products and/or services . This way you can easily introduce your potential customers to what your company has to offer! Information about you and/or the team .

This is where you can introduce yourself

– and of course your team, if you have one. What customers say . Testimonials are useful on the company’s website, so why not highlight them on social media as well? Collect positive experiences from your customers related to your company and take them to Instagram stories in the form of text, AO Lists images and videos. Questions and answers . Highlight the questions you most often get from your customers and the answers to them. In the best case, several of your customers will get an answer to their thoughts through this, and will no longer contact you separately about it. Also read The basics of social media marketing.

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