It may seem obvious, but to get the most out of your network, make sure you have it well established first! A complete professional network must be able to meet each of your potential needs. You must therefore have integrated any individual you know from near or far. During each new meeting, do not neglect anyone. Take good care to exchange contact details at all times. For this, the good old business card is still relevant, there are even some technological tools to help you classify and use your directory. Business card scanners appear to be one of these solutions and often offer software to help you better manage your contacts within a digital database.

Make Good Use of Social Media Social Networks

Represent a veritable virtual agora, especially those with a professional vocation. When you have a specific business need, get used to asking for help on LinkedIn or Viadeo. With this in mind, make sure you have a complete and up-to-date profile. An empty profile is not attractive and less likely to motivate your contacts to help you. Do not hesitate to be very Accounting, Bookkeeping Business Email List active there! Regularly posting about you and your business will bring you visibility through sharing. That way, when you reconnect with an old relationship, they’ll be more likely to remember you if they see you regularly on their News Feed, and they’ll be more likely to help you out. Social networks whose use is more personal, such as Facebook or Twitter, also remain very useful and should not be neglected.

Industry Email List

Of Course It Is Not a Question of Being

As active professionally as on the professional media because you risk tiring your contacts. You can, however, allow yourself to publish a request concerning your company from time to time, when your other contacts have not been able to help you out. Follow the activity of his contacts and invite them to events Your professional contacts are certainly on the move Ao Lists regularly. Be sure to follow their activity as much as possible, especially through social media. Also try to find them at certain events such as trade shows, networking evenings or conferences addressed to business leaders.

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