Even if it has experienced a drop in audience compared to the past, it has the immense advantage of appealing to several senses by combining sound and image. It creates emotions and contributes to notoriety in an effective way. However, it requires a larger investment budget compared to other types of media because of the combination of production and distribution costs. The price of an advertising spot varies according to the channels, the time of passage and the programs which are broadcast there. Synonymous with prestige and success, television often represents a pledge of company reliability in the collective unconscious. It reassures, convinces and offers a high success rate.

Display a Constantly Present Medium

Whether it takes the form of paper posters or digital screens, the communication strategy through the display attracts attention. There are different formats in various and varied places. Large 4X3 posters repaint the walls of the metro, billboards of all sizes adorn the landscape of cities, advertising campaigns are present both in bus shelters and  Hospitals Email List on the front of the buses themselves. Through posters, the objective is to reach a population on the scale of a city and a district. Passers-by, motorists and public transport users are the first target. The evolution of this strategy even brought the sound brick, making the posters alive and sometimes tactile.

Industry Email List

This Technique Allows Spectacular Staging

Remains particularly effective for companies wishing to work on their image and increase their notoriety. Radio: instant media It is one of the most reactive media in the transmission of a message. It is widely used when it comes to selling off stock, announcing a promotion or broadcasting any specific information such as an exceptional opening. The radio remains particularly listened to at home or in transport and sometimes remains broadcast Ao Lists in stores. In 2099, more than eight out of ten people listened to the radio at least once a day in France. This represents more than 42.4 million listeners daily. Despite this audience, which has been declining for several years, note that the listener performs other tasks in addition to the simple fact of listening to his favorite program.

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