Should you use the word ‘may’ or ‘might’? Some people find this pretty confusing because others use the terms interchangeably. But we can help clear things up and teach you how to use the word appropriately in a sentence. But if you want the short answer, here it is: ‘May’ implies strong certainty about the potential for events to occur. ‘Might’ implies a lower degree of certainty. Table of Contents ‘May’ vs. ‘Might’ Explained: How to Use ‘May’ and ‘Might’ Properly Definition and Meaning of ‘May’ Phrases Containing May Definition and Meaning of ‘Might’ How to Use ‘May’ in a Sentence Correctly How to Use ‘Might’ in a Sentence Correctly Concluding Thoughts on ‘May’ and ‘Might’ ‘May’ vs. ‘Might’ Explained: How to Use ‘May’ and ‘Might’ Properly As briefly discussed above, the word ‘may’ indicates that there’s a strong possibility that something will happen.

Definition and Meaning of ‘May’

The Merriam-Webster definition of ‘may’ is: “used to indicate possibility or probability,” “sometimes used interchangeably with can,” “sometimes used where might would be expected,” “have permission to,” “be free to,” “used in auxiliary function to express purpose  France WhatsApp Number Data  or expectation, contingency, concession, or choice,” “used in auxiliary function to express a wish or desire, especially in prayer, imprecation, or benediction,” and “shall, must, used in law where the sense, purpose, or policy requires this interpretation.” It can also mean: “maiden,” “the fifth month of the Gregorian calendar,” “the early vigorous blooming part of human life: prime,” “the festivities of May Day,” “the green or flowering branches used for May Day decorations,” “a plant that yields may, such as Hawthorne,” and “a spring-flowering spirea.

Understanding Modal Verbs

Both words are what are considered modal verbs. You might be wondering, what is a modal verb? A modal verb is a helping verb that connotes possibility, ability, and permission, among other things. How to Use ‘May’ in a Sentence Correctly Let’s take a look at some examples of how to use ‘may’ correctly in a sentence. May I have the salt? It’s next to the salad. Trudy may have to drop out of school. She just isn’t making the grades. You may AO Lists  have to choose between two great schools. My mother’s birthday is in May. I may just be free to go out with you on Friday. How to Use ‘Might’ in a Sentence Correctly Now let’s see how to use ‘might’ correctly in a sentence. Here are a few examples: You might get away with bad grammar at home, but not at s

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