You most certainly know that YOU are your first marketing tool. Your interlocutors, your potential customers, YOUR CUSTOMERS, need to be reassured about WHO you are, about your legitimacy, about your credibility. They also need you to be authentic, to be real and to connect with you and to feel that you understand them and give them what is best for them. But their needs are not limited to this and one could cite for example the need that you listen to them and speak to them with your heart. This is why I like the “ authentic marketing ” approach, marketing based on your own values, on your core expertise: on your HEART. It’s the heart that makes all the difference.

Our Heart as Its Name Suggests

Is at the center of who we are, and therefore of our “business”. As an entrepreneur, coach, consultant, what makes us different is our heart. Would you like to (re)connect your heart to your marketing? Your interlocutors are sensitive to your solutions when you speak to them with passion, with your heart. This is why your authentic marketing is based Motion Pictures Email List on your marketing heart. When you communicate with your heart, the impact is multiplied because when we release our heart, our presence automatically releases others. The other day, a friend and colleague, Cécile Molliet, ConvivEssens, sent me a text that caught my attention.

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It Is Our Greatest Fear by Marianne Williamson

Quoted by Nelson Mandela in his inaugural speech in 1994. I am giving you the conclusion of this text and you will immediately understand why it spoke to me.  When we are freed from our own fear, our presence automatically frees others. I immediately made the connection between “fear” and “heart”, and adapted the sentence as follows: “When we have Ao Lists freed our heart, our presence automatically frees others. » This is the case for our marketing actions Does this sentence speak to you, too? What prevents us from seeing all the riches that are within us, and from sharing them with our potential customers ? You have already heard it from me: “Your first marketing tool is YOU.

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