Leading me on’ is a phrase with several different meanings depending on the context. Let’s explore the definition, origin, and examples of this idiom. The most common meaning of ‘leading (someone) on’ is to encourage them to expect something or do something. Especially by promising them something they can’t have or by lying to them. Table of Contents What Does ‘Leading Me On’ Mean.  Where Does ‘Leading Me On’ Come From? What Does ‘Leading Me On’ Mean. Leading me on’ can mean a number of different things depending on the context. If someone accuses you or someone else of ‘leading them on.  It means that they are being tricked into expecting something or doing something. This phrase is often used in relation to the promise of a romantic relationship.

What Does ‘Leading Me On’ Mean

For example, if there is a person that has been flirting with you and insinuating that.  They are romantically interested in you, but then you learn that they are already in a relationship, you might tell them to stop ‘leading me on.’ In this context, the phrase ‘leading me on’ or ‘leading (someone) on’ means “to encourage someone’s sexual interest  Sweden Phone Number Data  or romantic interest without sincerity; to tease someone. Though this phrase is commonly used in relation to romantic or sexual relationships. It can also be used in relation to platonic or business interactions. For example, if you’ve been looking for a job and a recruiter has been implying that they will hire you .You could say that they are ‘leading (you) on’ when you learn that the company they work for isn’t even hiring new employees.

Examples of 'Leading Me On' In Sentences

In another usage, to ‘lead (someone) on’ means “to guide someone onward.” An example of this context in a sentence would be. As they were ‘leading me on’ to the path, I noticed there was a hole in the bottom of my shoe.’ The word ‘me’ is the direct object in the phrase ‘leading me on’ and can AO Lists be replaced with whatever pronoun or noun is appropriate to describe who is being ‘lead’ on. For instance, if you were trying to convince your friend that the person.  They’re romantically interested in doesn’t actually want to have a relationship with them even though they have been flirting with them.  You might say. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but he’s just ‘leading you on . You can also say that someone was ‘led on’ when you are describing something in the past or that someone future.

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