In an ethical sense For fifteen years with the Barilla Group . I met her when I was looking for a teacher for the Ethics chairs at the Communication Department of the IUSVE university which I manage. Once she pass the evaluation of her qualifications, I call her for a simulat lesson (yes, in order to teach, teachers also have to pass a teaching test). At the end of the simulation I thought: “But what vast culture does this woman have?” Then I thought: «Let’s hope the students can follow it because it’s a raging river.

A lesson from her is In an ethical sense

Like an episode of a television program, thought seo expate bd out in every moment and in every passage, with theme songs, guests, interviewSince then she has become a teacher of Ethics and deontology in the three-year and master’s degree courses of the IUSVE. After reading the book on the plane from Venice to New York, here are the questions I ask you. Can you explain this creative title of your latest book? Curiously, I had this title in mind, even before I knew how I would structure the book and what I would talk about.

seo expate bd

Even as a journalist

I always have the title of an article in mind, which Aol Email List is the focus of the news, even before I start writing it. write. I think this “The digital journalist is a saint” land in my head, because since I was a child I have been very attract by the reliquaries kept in churches. They sent shivers down my spine, but they attract me mortally Today, when the digital journalist is accus by many of being the cause of all evil and the true cancer of democratic societies, it is absolutely essential that he becomes a saint. And that he uses the resource of the network as an ethical mine.

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