Some brands are unwittingly embroiled in conflicts or buzz that they did not originate. This is the case of Casio, Rolex, Twingo and Ferrari who saw themselves drawn into a love conflict between Shakira and Gérard Piqué, through music. Stars compare themselves with brands In one of her last songs which reached viewing records in just a few hours, Shakira decided to attack her former companion, Gérard Piqué. In 24 hours, its title has totaled more than 63 million views on the YouTube video platform.

To Compare Brands by Devaluing Some of Them

The lyrics once translated, which imply infidelity, give the following result: “You exchanged a Ferrari for a Twingo, a Rolex for a Casio ”. We obviously understand that this comparison devalues ​​Casio to Twingo in favor of Ferrari and Rolex. In this case, it is funny to see that the brands have decided touse humor on the Web and social networks rather Canadian Biotechnology Email List than respond with virulence in order to improve their image. This elegant way of proceeding was applauded by Internet users. Responses from Renault & Casio The answers were not long in coming from the car brand, and Renault Argentina went on its musical note: “Many people do not need a luxury car to be happy, but ask our customers who love life with a Twingo! Love Twingo.

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Renault, in Colombia Shakira Is Colombian

Far from moping, also decided to react: “Pique may not deserve another chance, Shakira, but the Twingo certainly. » to which he added this subtle sentence « Twingo will love you forever, Shakira. We promise you. » . On the Internet side, visibly amused, they responded with photos of themselves, next to their favorite car or even using memes. Casio had Ao Lists much the same reaction with relevant tweets like “Boy with your old Rolex? Come and try the new Casio. Clearly, you will like it”, or even “Shakira can criticize us by saying ‘You exchanged a Rolex for a Casio’, but no Rolex has ever come out with a calculator, a built-in microphone and a radio antenna like in the Casio TM-100” while, in another Tweet, she did not hesitate to add that the battery of Casio watches lasts longer than the relationship between Shakira and Pique.

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