How often then there’s customer service, where colleagues often already have one leg in the weekend on Wenesdays. Your own job satisfaction is influence by these challenges and most importantly, it affects the agility of your organization. It’s 2 to 12 and time for action, but where do you start? If you look at Gallup ‘s State of the Global Workplace: 2021 Report , there’s a lot to be gaine in engagement. Only 20% of all employees worldwide are involve in the organization where they work. Unengage employees are sick 40% more often and 60% make more mistakes. What if that involvement is there.

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Vitality and happiness at work ensure 33% more profitability, 45% more productivity, 66% less absenteeism and 300% more innovation. In short: aim for happiness at work , and the result will follow automatically. In the book ‘ Blij agile. Stephen Steijger, Arjan Jansen van ‘t Land and Viktor Steijger photo editor take you by the hand to get to work enthusiastically with yourself, your team and the organization. After reading this book, I’ll share the important lessons below. Personal leadership Start with yourself first or take your employee by the hand. The authors of the book have develope various methods to gain insight into your personality.

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One of the methods they use is base on the 39 talents of Luk Dewulf. In a talent radar you can name your talents in order to gain insight into which talents you can develop further. For example, one of my talents is: ‘Bringer together; I have a low threshold and approach new people easily. Others easily approach me. I also like to AO Lists connect people.’ In the talent radar I can indicate how far this talent has develope and whether I can develop it further. If you fill in the entire radar, it gives a nice insight into your strength.

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