My maxim has always been that the readers of the blog feel comfortable. They are the protagonists of everything. I’m just talking to you about the Disadvantages of this topic you want to hear. Tone variation depending on reader Sometimes I couldn’t address the audience in the way I mentioned above. I’ll give you an example, so you can understand me. If you notice, I speak in the first person, I do not treat the website as an “SEO niche” but as a personal blog. When I had to write this post, which talks about gypsy weddings (currently ranked Top 1), it didn’t make much sense to use the conversational copy that was working so well in other articles.

I chose to put my personal Disadvantages of this opinions

Gypsy women already know how their weddings Nursing Homes Email List are celebrated. It doesn’t make much sense for me to use that tone. However, many non. Roma women were going to read the article . How did I fix this? In the excerpt that I show you in the image, you will see that I used the tone in the 3rd person singular. But, to make it more personal and not turn out to be a “journalistic” type article, I chose to put my personal opinions. It is another way to get closer to the blog readers. In fact, that article is in first position on Google right now. Photos and titles with a single purpose: to catch They are the two strong points of any article I write. Finding the right images and titles is one of the things.

Puppies and wedding rings are always a winning combination

I also invest the most time in (copy craftsman). I try to look for images that bring a smile, that excite and above all that respond to the user’s interest in that part of the post… If you are a future “wedding bride” and you are on the subway in the morning, on your way to work, on a Monday when it is raining and you are fiddling with your cell phone and you suddenly find this, how do you react? Puppies and wedding rings are always a winning combination to get CTR. These types of AO Lists details are discovered in the previous investigation phase. Can I make you smile with this? Why would you read the article if you were interested in the topic of “rings for your wedding”? Well, I already have my goal achieved . The other strong point is finding the right title .

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