The importance of BUILDING your plan and planning your actions in advance lies in the fact that this allows you to check their CONSISTENCY with each other, and especially with our target. Consistency also of course with our entire marketing strategy and approach , consistency with the motivations and values ​​of the sender of the message (YOU, in this case), consistency within the action plan itself… Often our resources are limited. Building your communication action plan therefore involves prioritizing your priorities according to your objectives and finding ways to optimize your resources as much as possible while guaranteeing an impactful result… How to build your communication action plan, in 7 steps List all possible actions, even if they seem far-fetched or unachievable.

Then Prioritize Do Not Hesitate to Do a Mind

Mapping to better collect ideas. Calculate the different actions (ie find out about the different costs associated with each action). Never establish costs according to your intuition and settle for fuzzy information. Choose (this often involves giving up seemingly interesting actions…) and build a plan. Check the consistency of content and form with the objectives set for each action, as well as consistency with the target of this message. 5. Produce: establish Canadian Colleges Universities Email List a schedule, a budget (think ROI = Return on Investment), select service providers, control production (prefer techniques that allow small quantities). Test: what matters is not what you say, but how the message is perceived by the customer. Do not hesitate to solicit people from different backgrounds.

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Do Not Seek Consensus but to Discover Flaws

Adapt: ​​depending on the feedback you have, adapt your message, your tool, etc. Communication can be the solution Often, when we lack resources, the reflex is to cut communication investments. So remember… Communication, precisely, is an investment… each action is implemented according to precise objectives. This allows you to identify the priority level of each action. Imagine… if today you don’t have the means to communicate. What will it Ao Lists be tomorrow and the day after tomorrow if no one knows you? Sometimes you have to know how to seize opportunities, take a calculated risk and adapt. If, for example, a tool seduces someone who can recommend you to their contacts, do not hesitate to decline your message or your tool to respond to their request.

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