Commit to growing Who is responsible for this lead theft? The rather obvious answer is that your direct competitors are responsible. But how do they do it? Excellent question. They are taking them because your site is unable to capture the attention of prospects, even though they are intereste prospects, already ready or almost to purchase. After they don’t find the answers they were looking for on your pages, they go to visit those of your competitors where the lead generation mechanisms work instead. Why does all this happen? The problem occurs because the behavior of B B buyers has change with.

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The advent of the internet, just as the habits of individual consumers have change. of buyers start researching a product or service for wedding photo editing service their company online , in total autonomy and without the nee to let a sales representative of the potential supplier know who, in the past, was the only source of information and news in the sector. own sector. Research conducte by Google tells us that out of users visit a website before contacting a company by telephone, browsing and clicking here and there looking for any type of useful content.

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Furthermore, according to the analysis performe by Microsoft, the average time spent by a visitor on a site before clicking the “back” button and returning to the search engine results is seconds. These two data alone should be enough to set off an alarm and start reviewing your B B digital marketing strategy. If you’re not worrie, then maybe you should start being. But let’s see what can be done to resist this context apparently hostile to your commercial development . How to stop him? Is it AO Lists possible to prevent this theft of business contacts? Yes, it is also a rather simple process that will put an end to lead thieves once and for all.

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