The 7 Good Reasons to Celebrate Birthdays

This is the first reason that can lead you to celebrate a birthday: show your employees that they matter to you by implementing means so that they can organize their birthday within or outside the company. Celebrating the birthday of your employees or their entry into your company represents a mark of recognition which can sometimes prove to be more effective than a raise. This practice allows you to show everyone that they are important to the company as a person. They belong to the firm and thus feel recognized. Delicacy should be part of the DNA of any business. More difficult to set up when the company grows, this practice remains, however, possible by grouping together birthdays or by delegating them to the various business units.

Relax and Strengthen Ties Birthdays Are an Opportunity

For you to relax, already because you are enjoying the evening yourself. But we have to admit it: What could be better than seeing faces happy to spend a convivial evening organized by your company? Additional bonus: if you want to get closer to your employees and get to know them better, the opportunity lends itself to it and you will be Civic and Social Association Email List able to discover personalities who do not necessarily express themselves in the same way as when they work. It is also a special time when the exchange can be more frank and direct and when you can maintain a direct relationship with collaborators who do not dare, as a rule, to take the first step and will come spontaneously say a word to you.

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As Long as You Are Fill with Empathy

Build customer loyalty If you can invite your customers, especially those with whom you have a special relationship, to your company anniversaries, you can also build loyalty by offering them to celebrate the anniversary date of your contract. A simple meal can also be a good idea. If you invite them to your company anniversaries and they decide to come, it will Ao Lists be an opportunity for you to forge stronger ties, in particular because you will meet them in a friendly context. It may well be that during the evening you discover common points, identical hobbies and that you have, beyond your professional universe, the desire to pursue meetings placed under the sign of your reciprocal passions.

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