You have access to LUTs that can color your videos in an instant. You might want to use this to get a consistent feel across your videos. create a certain atmosphere. or to color correct. To apply a LUT. go to your visual effects. then click and drag your color LUT onto your select video clip. Next. go into your video clip’s properties. and you can adjust the intensity to your preference – or even switch it off. “Make your video more effective by adding a bit of spice” – Matt Pierce Like music and transitions. Matt cautions against using LUTs without a good reason. Coloring your video a certain way might seem like a fun idea in iting.

But if it doesn’t add to the meaning of the video

It may just be a distraction. Always use effects to enhance your video’s impact. not detract from it. There are country email list   many more great new features. including… Resign recorder window Screencasting on a single screen can be challenging. but Camtasia 2021 allows you to hide the screen recording interface in your video’s finish product. You can still see the interface while you’re recording. plus a preview of your webcam and audio levels. but it won’t appear in the final video file. Corner rounding mask Applying masking effects to when you’re using picture in picture (or video in video) is a great way to make your video look more professional. Corner rounding does what it says. rounds the corner of your video by applying a mask to each individual corner.

Giving you lots of flexibility

for how you use it. If you want a circular video. Jason’s top tip is to use this corner rounding feature as a shortcut. Simply crop your video size AO Lists  to a square. then apply corner rounding and you can create a perfect circle effect. Enhanc grouping capability Camtasia 2021 now has improv grouping features for both Mac and Windows users. meaning you can make consistent changes across a group of callouts quicker and easier than ever before. These are just a few of TechSmith’s favorite new Camtasia 2021 features. to discover more and put these top tips into practice. get the latest version here. To start building your Camtasia skills. find out how to use all the features in the latest release with our Camtasia Tutorials.

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