Vanity Url What is It and How to Use It in Your

A vanity URL is an original, branded link that is shorter and easier to remember than a typical URL. It may contain the name of the product or company or the target keyword. Its purpose is to redirect users from one page to another.

The purpose of a custom URL is to help users remember the page and get them to click on the link. Therefore, it is worth using it in paid advertisements or posts on social media portals. This element allows you to attract traffic to your website and, consequently, improve its effectiveness.

Custom URLs have several key advantages. The most important of them are that they are short, related to the brand and understandable to users.

The Importance of Vanity Url for Seo

It’s also worth emphasizing that they look much better than standard URLs, especially in social media and paid advertising. Why else is it worth using them?

Building trust – Vanity URL is understandable, short and readable, thus increasing Ws Database the website’s credibility and trust among customers;

Better click-through rate – By using a custom URL, your click-through rate increases significantly. This is due to the fact that these types of addresses have the name of the brand or product in their structure, which allows users to more precisely determine where a given link leads.

Why use vanity URL

Beneficial impact on SEO – using the keyword you want to rank for in the URL makes users AO Lists associate your brand with this phrase and enter it in the search engine when they want to find you;

Source of relevant data – By using custom URLs, you can easily track your site’s traffic and determine where it’s coming from, as well as discover key information about your potential customers.

Thanks to this, you will collect an important database that will be used to create content using the most effective terms at a given moment.

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