I could see them in my mind’s eye carrying heavy stones up the steep slopes

I could hear them shouting to each other as they worked. I could smell the sweat and dirt on their bodies. And I could taste the dust in the air. This experience of connecting with my ancestors. Gave me a greater sense of belonging to china and to the chinese people. Learning about my family’s culture and traditions in addition to helping me to connect. With my ancestors, heritage sites also inspire me to learn more about my family’s culture and traditions. When I visit a heritage site, I can learn about the customs, beliefs, and practices of my ancestors.

I can see the tools they used the clothes they wore

I can also learn about the festivals they. Celebrated and the stories they told. This knowledge helps me to feel more connected to my family and to my community. For example, I recently visited the taj mahal. As I stood in front of this magnificent Bulk SMS Vietnam structure, I learned about the story of its construction. I learned that the taj mahal was built by. A mughal emperor as a tomb for his beloved wife. I also learned about the islamic traditions that influenced the design of the taj mahal. This knowledge helped me to feel more connected to my muslim heritage.

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When I visit a heritage site I am often inspired

I might write about the challenges they faced, the triumphs. They achieved, or the stories they told. I might also write about my own experiences at the site. This process of storytelling helps me to further connect. With my family’s history and cultural AO Lists heritage. For example, I recently visited the ruins of machu picchu. As I stood in the ruins, I was inspired to write a story about a young inca woman who lived there. I imagined her life, her loves, and her losses. I also imagined how she might have felt when the spanish conquistadors arrived and destroyed her world. With the inca people and to their culture.

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