AdSense is a Google. Therefore, advertising SEO Dictionary: know tool that allows Content Producers to monetize their YouTube channels, blogs and other pages by displaying ads. Remuneration is linked to the number of clicks or. Therefore, views. ads Shortened name of the Google Ads program , former Adwords, which consists of an online advertising tool.

Why is it important to know SEO Dictionary: know the SEO dictionary for your strategy?

Those who use Ads pay for. Therefore, the dissemination Poland Whatsapp Number List of their text, image or video ads on channels registered in the tool, in search engine results, YouTube and in other applications. Algorithm An. Therefore, algorithm is a sequence of very well-defined, limited and ordered instructions that are issued to solve a problem, perform an action or perform a calculation.


In SEO, it is the system used. Therefore, by search engines to perform the actions of scanning, cataloging, indexing AO lists and displaying pages. These functions allow them to interpret the content. Therefore, automatically and independently, deciding among thousands of pages on the Internet what is relevant and what is not . Anchor Text Considered one of the most relevant positioning factors, the term refers to the text that contains a hyperlink .

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