Worst of all. Not putting them at all. Of course. If you have a very very specific blog in which you only talk about one very specific thing.  have more than one or two categories. But if. On the other hand. Your corporate blog has or aspires to have as many content such as. For example. Our blog. Will do much better if you organize it correctly by categories. 7. Publish external and not internal content . In a corporate blog.

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A corporate blog is the centerpiece email list of any content marketing strategy click to tweet 6. Do not use (or misuse) Categories are essential to correctly organize any corporate blog. Through them the user can access all the articles on the same topic. Which will increase their time spent on the page. Furthermore. The use you give to these categories will influence your web positioning for better or worse . For this reason. It is important to structure the categories well and wisely and avoid errors such as putting too many. Without coherence.

the categories of the corporate blog

 As a fourth mistake. He cit the bad habit AO Lists of using the corporate blog as a mere storage place for company news. Such as: “We are opening a new headquarters.” “We have new products.” if you have a blog. Generate quality content and publish information about the sector with add value. Finally. I talk about the problems that can arise from not using tags in posts correctly. Which. Among other things. Can help google position your post. After this review you are more than ready to delve into the second part of this post. Are you prepar to continue discovering the horrors that you can find in a corporate blog

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