First steps for beginners in Link Building

First steps for beginners in Link Building. Do you know what Link Building is Link Building. In addition, is a set of actions that aims to obtain quality links that point to our website. These links are known in “marketing jargon” as backlinks. Although the structure is very simple. I will explain some details that I consider relevant and they are: Web address: We will link an external web address. Title: Descriptive title of the link, which in most cases we will use the same as the “anchor text”. Anchor Text: Set of words where we insert a hyperlink and are visible on a web page.

Why do we want to get quality backlinks

In this guide we will see 8 very simple reasons why quality backlinks are important. 1.- To increase our authority. Backlinks give authority to the linking URL as well as your domain. 2.- To increase the Page Rank. There are 2 types of backlinks (dofollow and nofollow); The first link conveys authority and the second does not, that is what the vast majority of SEO professionals think. Although later I will talk about the different factors Outlook Email Lists or variables that measure authority. I would now like to introduce a small review about Page Rank. An obsolete variable for some SEOs and for others with a value that deserves to be taken into account.

How do we know if a backlink is quality

On many occasions, when we are beginners in SEO we have doubts whether the page where we want to get a link will have quality or we simply fall into the mistake of thinking that any link is good. Regardless of where it comes from. To avoid this, I leave you here a series of recommendations to help. You identify good sites where you can get the desired quality backlinks. 1.- Look for sites with the same AO Lists topic as you. Although it may seem obvious, many beginners in Link Building make the mistake of saying anything goes and then throw their hands over their heads when the penalties arrive.

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