Affect change’ or ‘effect change’: two expressions often used interchangeably, although they have entirely different meanings. Which one should you use? That’s what we’ll cover today. The short answer is that the expression you’re looking for is probably ‘effect change,’ which means to create or initiate change. However, ‘affect change’ is still grammatically correct, although it has a different meaning. Table of Contents ‘Affect Change’ or ‘Effect Change? What is the Meaning of ‘Effect’? ‘Effect’ Definition What Does ‘Effect Change’ Mean? What is the Meaning of ‘Affect’? ‘Affect’ Definition What Does ‘Affect Change’ Mean? Concluding Thoughts on ‘Affect Change’ or ‘Effect Change’ ‘Affect Change’ or ‘Effect Change? ‘Affect’ and ‘effect’ sound very similar. Are they homophones? Homophones are words that are spelled differently but sound alike, such as ‘dying’ vs. ‘dieing’ or ‘boarders’ vs. ‘borders.’

What is the Meaning of Effect

Let’s start by learning about the meaning of the word ‘effect’ and the different forms it can take on. Then, we’ll look at the meaning of the expression ‘effect change’ and when you can use it. ‘Effect’ Definition ‘Effect’ is a verb and stands for ‘bring about,’ ‘create,’ or ‘influence.’ It’s also a noun that stands for ‘change’ or having been influenced. If ‘affect’ is the action, ‘effect’ is the consequence  Thailand Phone Number Data  of the action. Here are some examples of ‘effect’ (in its form verb) used in a sentence. We don’t want to fight; in fact, we hope to effect a settlement. I was the one who effected the transition to paperless across the organization. We’re working on effecting new policies around here. Top tip! ‘Effect’ can also be a noun meaning ‘possessions’ in the idiom’ personal effects’. Don’t worry; this has no relevance to the topic of this article.

What Does 'Affect Change' Mean

As I mentioned, to affect something means making a difference. That’s why it’s perfectly reasonable to think that ‘affect change’ is the correct expression if you want to discuss creating change. However, think about it. The definition of the word ‘affect’ is ‘to change’. Therefore, to ‘affect change’ is to change change. Confused? Stick with me. If you affect something, that means you have AO Lists an influence on it. If there’s a change currently taking place, and you want to affect it, that means you want to impact the change. The change was already happening; you didn’t initiate it. And that’s the difference between affecting change and effecting change. To effect change is to initiate it. To affect change is to influence a change that’s already taking place. That’s why the more common phrase is ‘effect change.’ However, ‘affect change’ is still technically correct.

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